Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Registering to move to U.S.

Did you ever think about going to Palestine?

Well they did, they did kinda try to get me, when I was in, in Linz, in the DP camp. That time it wasn't a camp. ??? but we didn't know each other. Of course I was there before him. So where was I?


Yeah, Palestine. And I don't know if you ever knew, knew Levinson? He was a tailor, a Radom tailor.

Didn't know him.

Anyway, him and his wife, they were organizers. They came to the United States but they were organizing and they tried to get out young boys to go to Israel. But uh, I didn't consider it. I already registered to come to the United States.

Did you have relatives here?

No, I came, I, I regi...registered on the uh, US committee under age of eighteen. Age eighteen or under you could come over on the US committee.

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