Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

After the War

Let's go back a second before this. Maybe after the war, did you heard what had happened in Kielce?

In Kielce? I was, I was in ??? that day. My brother and I came in to ??? that day.

The day of the pogrom.


So you knew that they were killing Jews.

Well, Kielce and ??? are not too far apart,

So you knew they were killing Jews again.

I thought I saw Kielce.

Yeah, it's down here.


And did you think, time to get out of Poland at this...

Well, I went back to the farm. We went back to the farm. That's where, that's where we met uh, my brother and I--that's where we met uh, my distant cousin.

Your cousin.

Yeah, that's where we met him. And he was older. If, if you, if he d...I don't know if he's still alive today or not. But he was al...they, they already knew what, what, what the score is, what's going on, which could have said, don't go back there, come on, we're going to go to Łódź, or whatever. Never said anything. We just, we, both of us, went back to the farm.

Went back to the farm.


The farmer that took you in, do you... How do you feel about that family?

I got nothing else for 'em.

Good or bad.

No, good or bad because if they knew they would turn me in.

And they saved your life.

Yeah. Uh, they didn't save my life. I don't feel that they saved my life.

You saved your life.

I saved my own life. Whatever I did I saved my own skin. I wouldn't say they did, no.

So you walked away from the farm and that was the last you saw of them.

That's right.

Then you went back to Łódź.

Uh, I did, I did send him one letter from the United States.

You did.


What was the name of the family?

You know what...

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