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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Finding cousin in Linz


Uh, to send them back to Poland and they go back to Austria, you know, to Linz. So with that paper I hopped a train. And uh, of course I heard people, other people talking there is a train in there, you know, and they, it's going back to Austria. So I hopped a train with that paper and, and it was the same thing. Border, a, a border to cross the Russian border. So the guy came up there and I showed him the paper and ???. He probably couldn't read it. And he saw Austria you know, so he said, gotta show me that it's okay, you know. And that's how I got to Linz.

And was your cousin there?

I came into Linz and that was Yom Kippur of 1945 because I can't--I gotta remember the date. That's the only date I really remember is--I don't know that date. I said Yom Kippur '45. I came--so I--oh, before that, I--once we crossed the German uh, uh, the American, into the American zone there across from the Russian border in Czechoslovakia then into, into--I find that there is a lot of people, big commotion, you know, going on. And, and all I could hear is ??? So I knew already there's a lot of Jews are going, going on the train. So I, I got to talk to somebody there, and he say "Are you going to Austria?" He says, "I'll show you where to get off in Linz."

What is ???

Huh? Like a code word. Jew.

Code word, it means

You never heard of it?

Doesn't it mean rain? I think it means rain. ???

??? I don't know what it means. It's a code word for Jew. And uh, I mean anybody you talk to, I'm sure you heard it.

In Israel there is an organization called ???

It's a code word.


But anyway, so I got to talk to him and I finally got to Linz, Austria. And then I had to find out where the DP camp was after the war. And I, and I went looking for her. And she got married. Now I'm looking for, for a maiden that's why I'm coming back to the maiden name, you know. My uh, since I looked at the, at the Holocaust uh, in Washington. And she, and her name is...


Tingeiser, now she got married and her name changed to Mandelberger. I asked if I knew the name, I would have found it in two minutes because everybody knew them. But I asked for a maiden name and nobody knew anybody. So I, somebody--but I also, as I travel I had in mind to look for my sister. I heard, I knew a, I saw a name of uh, Mana Goldman in uh, on the board at the Jewish Committee in, in Łódź and I was going for that too. So, and she's supposed to be in Bergen-Belsen, that particular name. So anyway, as I came to, to Austria they told me to, said, if I'd spend the day, Yom Kippur day, in uh, in the, in the DP camp, which I couldn't find her. Nobody knew her name. So I said well, I thought--well, anyway, so I came in Yom Kippur, I came in and I was starved, I was hungry, I was almost two days on the train. I didn't have any food. And uh, the one la...the one lady talked to me, she kinda thought that I looked lost, you know, so she talked to me. She said, "Why don't you come in here," she said, "Go lay down and rest for awhile and then you go." I said, I was starved. So she gave, even Yom Kippur she gave me some food and I had something to eat. And uh, so I decided I was going to go to, since I couldn't find her, my cousin, I, I decided I'm going to go, go to...

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