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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Liberation of Poland

How long were you in the farm?

Until--I was on the farm 'til, uh...well, until they all got liberated. Uh, I got liberated January '45. I mean, that's when the Russian army came in, January 17th of 1945. Now also my brother came back from Germany. So I guess at that point my, my brother came back from Germany in '4...oh about the middle of '45, he got sick again. Now he, as I recall now that he had TB and they sent him back. Or the work he was doing there he got sick and they sent him, and they, they sent him home, which means back to Poland.

Did he come to you?

Yeah, he came on the farm. He stayed on the farm there with some people. But he didn't do any work, he didn't do anything. He was just hanging around and uh, I supplied him some chicken that I was stealing from the farmer, you know, some eggs and stuff like that. And uh, until we got liberated. I mean, I would say liberated, the Russians came in. He decided, at that point he decided to go to Łódź. And he says to me, you wait here on the farm and I'll go see what's going on there and then I'll come back to get you. And uh, I never seen him since. And I, I guess he was pretty sick, and I don't know if he made it or what happened to him. So I stayed on the farm--not the same farmer, a different farmer I went to work for. And I stayed six more months after the war.

After liberation.

Yeah, after liberation. And I didn't know what's going on, so. I finally after, after waiting that long I decided, I came back to the farm that he's supposed to come back to get me and to find out if there's any news from him. And they said no, they hadn't heard from him. But uh, one guy that he went with, this, this man was from Warsaw, a Polack. And he came back to the farm and when I talk to him and he said that he was very sick and he don't know what happened to him. So after that when I found out, I uh, I went ahead and uh, quit their ???. They gave me some money, the second farmer which I worked for, he gave me some money. And I got on the train and went back to Łódź. [interruption in interview]

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