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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Almost being exposed as a Jew

Anything that stands out that--close call where somebody almost--do you think anybody knew that you were a Jew?

No, no, no. The only close call I was afraid of is that the Germans used to come in and, uh, and round up people for labor. You know, used to come in, so we used to hide that time. But as far as that, uh, you know, so I was hiding the same, the same as anybody else did.

With the other Poles. Where did you hide?

Right. We hide in barn under the straw, you know, and stuff like that. But otherwise, uh...but the Germans used to come on the farm, used to go up right next to 'em and, you know, just like, just like any other kid, you know. Just a farmer.

So it sounds like for maybe three years you didn't even see a Jew.

Oh no, no. I didn't see anybody. Because uh, some of these farmers used to go no--once a month they used to, they, they go to, to Radom, you know, or, with, with uh, vegetables and stuff like that to sell. And uh, but I never went with them.

Did you ever go into Czestochowa, because if you were near Czestochowa you...

No, no. Well, that's all near, in the same...

In the Radom district, I think.

Radom, ??? close by.

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