Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003


Is there anything that goes through your mind even now that comes back to you from when you were in hiding?

Oh yes. A lot of times I--it goes through my mind when I, late at night I can't sleep.

What kinds of things?

Well, all those things that transpired that I'm talking about, you know. And all that uh, with the, in ??? especially. A lot of days, well, we're starving, you know, no feed. Maybe that had a great impact on me too. That--where--how I survived, that I went out on a farm. Maybe if I had food I probably would have never left uh, the, the, the city, you know. I don't know.

But you still think about it.

Oh yes, a lot of times.

But you haven't talked about it.

No, no.

All inside.

All inside. Keep it all inside.

How did you meet your wife?

Well I met my wife at the Jewish Center over there.

You said she's a survivor from Warsaw?

Yeah. Her friends, she, she, her friends survived too.

So they were also hiding.

No they were in Czestochowa, in camp.

In the camp at Czestochowa.

Yeah, yeah. There's a lot of uh, young people that were in camp in Czestochowa, as kids.

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