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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

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Yeah. And you said you had children. Do you have grandchildren too?

Yeah, I have uh, two little ones, two girls.

Do they live here?

Yeah, they live in White Lake Township.

Do you think they should know?

Well they want to know.

The grandchildren.

Well, my kids probably too.

Have you ever spoken to schools or the Holocaust Memorial Center or anything like that?

No, I, I was just--I don't know if you, do you, do you remember Dave Rudesky?


Okay, I went once with Dave on the Eastside. But I didn't speak, he was the one. I just went along for the ride. But I just went with uh, Jack, a couple weeks ago I went to Utica.

Oh yeah, I know he went there.

Yeah, I went with him.

Did you speak?

A little bit. I'm not a speaker, you know.

You do all right.

Well, I feel at ease with you.

Is there anything else you want to tell me about?

What else would you like to know?

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