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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003


Large family?

Why yes, uh, uh, three brothers and a sister.

And what about aunts, uncles, cousins?

Yes, I had aunts. Uncles, aunts, cousins, yes.

How many would you say extended family altogether?

In Poland, or just around the city?

Your first cousins.

Well, first cousins... Some of them I don't even remember, which they were in a different city from my mother's side.

Ah, so your father was from Łódź.

My, my father was, was not from Łódź either. He, he lived in Łódź, I mean, he originally, I guess he was born in Sch...in ??? somewheres around there.

And your mother?

My mother was from uh, Pinczów.

Pinczów. Is it near?

That's, that's near ??? somewheres there. Near Krakow.

Near Krakow. I have a number of maps here. You mentioned that you had gone to.... Near Czestochowa...

Yes, it would be somewhere [looking at map] It's near Ro...Radom. I don...I, I can't find it on a map. I'm not really familiar with the Polish map, okay.

Neither am I.

Okay, what I'm just saying, when you point, give me the city of Łódź, I know exactly where it was...

Actually, this is a larger map, current map. Have you been back?

No. I don't think I want to go back.

Well, let's--tell me about the--your extended family all together in Poland, how large would you say it was?

Well, I would say about, pretty close to what I can remember from, from Łódź is uh, my cousins and I would say they had four. The upper extended family would have been about twenty.

In Łódź itself.


How many survived the war?

From my family?


Just another cousin, a girl cousin.

So you had three brothers.

No, nobody survived.

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