Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

News of War on Farm

Okay. Did you hear any news of the war while you were in...

Oh yes, we hear news... While I was on the farm?


Oh yes, we heard news of the war, because I was near a railroad track. The farm was not too far where we used to work with the horses in the field. So, we heard news. But they, they had, they, they, they heard news from the war what's going on that the Germans went into Russia and fighting for Moscow.

Did you hear about Stalingrad? Do you remember that?

Yeah, yes.

When you heard about Stalingrad, what was...

What was my reaction? Well, to me politics didn't mean much.

So no one that you knew, the other boys, cared one way or the other about what the war..

No, no. Because the farmers really, they weren't really hurting by the Germans. I mean, they had to give up certain, uh, animals for slaughter, you know, and stuff like that, but otherwise they...they weren't, they didn't get hurt by the Germans.

Were there moments when you... So we're down to what, 1942, 1943. Your brother came back in 1944, you said?


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