Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Family Life Before War

Nobody survived, okay. Um, what did your father do?

Well, my father was uh, in the moving business. I guess it must have been a hor...it was a horse and a wagons.

And your mother?

Was just a housewife. Those days that's all there was.

Well, we don't want to say just, because... You had five children, that's a lot. Grandparents?

Well grandparents, I really don't recollect my grandfather from my father's side. Not too much. I know he had a beard on, you know, but uh, he passed away.


Yeah, before the war.

Was it a religious family?

No, not, not really. My father he put on tefillin every morning and prayed, but he was not really religious.

Beard and payes?

No, no, not my father.

And did you go to cheder?

Yes, a little bit before the war.

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