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Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Moving to a smaller town

Can you show me where that is on here?

??? Oh boy [looking at map] Do you know where... I can look on the map, you know, I, I, I'm strictly not familiar with the Polish map. Do you know where, isn't it, Radom is? Or did you ever hear of it?

Oh sure, you said it was near Czestochowa.

Well, yes. Czestochowa, Radom, ??? that's all in the same district.

[looking at map] It's about eight miles southeast of Czestochowa, I think. Should be somewhere in here. I can't find it either. I found it once and I can't find it again. What made you go there?

Well, that, that's why I believe my father... [looking at map]

Your father had family there?


So you went to them.

Well, we went there because we figured it was a small town, so. We'd be safer in a small town than in a big town.

And were Germans already there too?

Oh yeah, they were everywhere.

Was there a ghetto--well it was too early for a ghetto.

No it was too early. Um, and on the way there they took of the, they stopped us because my father packed up the wagons and, you know, and everything, the belongings. And on the way there they already stopped us and searched and took everything off the wagon, you know. Destroyed some of the stuff.

It must have been difficult for your father. I mean, your mother had just died...

Right, right.

...and he just picked up with the children and left. Just you and the children and your father, right, nobody else.

Right, nobody else.

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