Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Knowledge of Ghetto

When did...when did you know about the ghetto?

Well, when he came out I knew about the ghetto.

But you knew when it was formed. I mean, when they set up the ghetto.

No, I never...

You were never in the ghetto.

I was never in the ghetto.

Did you know that there was a ghetto?

No, not until the point where he came out. Well, I knew that nobody could leave the city. But when they encircled, when they made a ghetto out of it, that I didn't know until he came out and told me about it. And that's when I told him, I, I guess you have to go and find something else, you know. And he couldn't, there's nothing I could do for him, you can't hide him, you know.

When they liquidated the ghetto, do you know what happened to the Jews in that town?

No, I, I... Well, they perished most of them.

Were they shot, sent to a camp?

Oh yes, they were shot, they were sent to camps, you know. I don't know exactly which camps because I, I, I was not, they were not, I was not in touch with them anymore.

The ghetto was shut down in 1942?

Uh, I believe so. Sometime around there.

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