Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Goldman - June 6, 2003

Start of War

Do you remember when war started?

Yes, in 1939, yes.

And where were you?

I was right at home. We were right at home in Łódź. On that uh, at home on Pomorska 70 where what you call is where we lived.

What did you remember about that day?

Well, that day I really--the most I remember about is the bombardment that the Germans were shooting the cannons over the city. Just a lot of noise but uh, nothing came down close to us. I also remember when we, when we were, as kids we helped digging ditches too for the Polish army.

Before the...

Before the Germans invaded.

Did anyone ever talk about Hitler in your house? Do you remember hearing anything about him before the war started?

Well, yes, uh, because uh, I had an uncle in Germany from my mother's side. And he, I think he came in just before the war started. He came from Germany to visit us. We already knew what's going... I mean, not the kids, but I know they were talking about it.

They used to talk in your house then.

Yeah. Well, he just came in for a visit.

So your parents were not particularly politically oriented.

No, no.

Just trying to earn a living. Well when did some major changes take place when the war started?

Well the ma...major changes took place when the Germans came in.

Do you remember when they marched in?

Oh yes, yes. I watched them march in and come in with vehicles and stuff like that.

What did you think?


What did you think?

Well, what could I, could I think about it, you know, as a kid, you know. There was much... I thought of it. You know, I mean, at home they used, even before the Germans came in to Łódź they used to talk about, you know, how in uh, World War II the Germans were pretty good to the Jews. I mean, they, they used to deal and wheel with them, you know.

World War I.

Yeah, I mean World War I.

Was your father in the First World War?

Uh, I don't, I don't think so he was in the war.

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