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Rose Green - May 21, 2008


Rose Green was born in Ložín, Czechoslovakia. When the war began, Rose and her husband moved to a state farm to work. They were separated, however, when Rose was deported to Sered. Rose discovered she was pregnant after being sent to Auschwitz but managed to hide her pregnancy and was sent to two other labor camps before being liberated. She gave birth to a son soon after the war and was reunited with her husband before moving to the United States.

  1. Introduction
  2. Life After Liberation
  3. Life After Liberation II
  4. Life Before the War
  5. Anti-Semitism
  6. Childhood
  7. Czechoslovakian Politics
  8. Czechoslovakian Politics II
  9. Married Life
  10. Life Before the War II
  11. Fate of Family
  12. Life Under German Occupation
  13. Working on a State Farm
  14. Life Under German Occupation II
  15. Memories of Siblings
  16. Work of Siblings
  17. Start of War
  18. Help from Gentiles
  19. Being Separated from Husband
  20. Being Transported to Auschwitz
  21. Hygiene
  22. First Impression of Auschwitz
  23. Learning Fate of Mother and Grandmother
  24. Life in Auschwitz
  25. Life in Auschwitz II
  26. Life Before the War III
  27. Life in Auschwitz III
  28. Being Pregnant in Camp
  29. Being Transported to Labor Camp
  30. Finding Family in Camp
  31. Life in Work Camp
  32. Assembling Propellers in Work Camp
  33. Being Pregnant in Camp II
  34. Suicides in Camp
  35. Husband's Story
  36. Daily Life in Work Camp
  37. Being Transported to a Second Work Camp
  38. Receiving News About the War
  39. Liberation
  40. Liberation II
  41. Hospitalization
  42. Hospitalization II
  43. Reuniting with Sister
  44. Reuniting with Sister II
  45. Reuniting with Husband
  46. Moving to the United States
  47. Memories
  48. Family Today
  49. Visiting the Yad Vashem
  50. Conclusion

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