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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Being Pregnant in Camp

So you--how long pregnant were you when you got to Auschwitz?

Two weeks pregnant when I had to go. We tried not to have babies uh, after we got married. We wanted right away, but the times were so bad so we decided not to have until something will clear out. And uh, my husband went to the field and they found a burnt--I told you when we were working there farm--at the state farm, state farm--it was a Jewish, Jewish farm, they just took it away from him, you know, so it was state farm. So they found barrels--oil barrels with American inscriptions on it, so they thought that Americans dropped some barrels--oil barrels, whatever, I don't know--some, something from a plane and not once, or not twice, and we thought that the Americans are coming so we made a baby.

Um, was there a point when the Germans realized you were pregnant?

They didn't know at first, they didn't know at first. Uh, but later when I was--let's see, how old was I--how far was I? When I was about fifth, sixth month, I have to tell 'em because they started to see it, you know, and uh, there were a few pregnant women there and they got an extra soup everyday, you know, soup, you know, slop. It was nothing.

This was in labor camp.

Yeah, it was in labor camp.

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