Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Green - May 21, 2008


So you were taken to a hospital.

We were taken to a hospital. I stayed there two weeks before uh, I had my baby and they treated us very nicely there, really very nicely.

You had a German doctor.

Yes, the German doctor was a prince and I know how, how good he was. I was looking out from the window and I saw--my doctor was a big husky fellow like ???, you know, that, the opera singer, ???. Big--he wasn't fat; he just was a big guy. And he was downstairs in the yard--in the garden. It was spring and it was beautiful and he was standing outside the garden and a little scrawny guy dressed very, very shabbily came to him and they hugged, and the Germans they don't hug, you know, they shake hand. And they hugged and hold each other for a long--I thought to myself, "What the hell? Who the hell is this?" you know, I was curious. There was also a doctor who was in that concentration camp. He just came back and came straight to him. So he came into our room and he told us that that guy is a wonderful man--tried to help him and, and tried to help many other people, but he couldn't. He did what he could, so.

Do you remember his name?


The doctor's name.

My doctor's?


Otto ???.

You do remember his name.

Oh, it's here...

Oh, it's on...

...it's here. But I would remember him anyway. Let me see. Yeah, Dr. ???.


Yeah, but it doesn't say here Otto, just ???. Yeah, it doesn't say ???, just--but I know his name's Otto, yeah.

So you gave birth to your son.


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