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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Reuniting with Husband

So your sister was there now, and did the two of you go back, back home?

Yes, uh, next day, next day we, we came uh, we came to Prague. She brought me to Prague with that car and with that lady and the gentleman, you know. Uh, we came uh, we came to Prague and she put me up in a hotel and that hotel--no, no, she put me in a sanatorium. She took me to like a hospital type sanatorium, and they checked me out there real good--if I am in good health and everything. Everything was okay and the baby was okay, so, so what else can I ask? So that's, that's how it happened. And then from that there was busses who took home to repatriate, you know people were repatriating home from the camps. So she got a seat for me on one of those was--meanwhile my husband, my husband came back to Prague and we met in Prague, and my husband and I and the baby went home on the busses. It took us, I don't know, almost a week to get home.

What was that reunion like?

You don't want to--I don't know, I don't know. He almost, almost crushed me to death. I told him, "If the German didn't crush me, you are going to crush me." So it, it was very, very good. It was very, very good.

And when did you see your father?

My father--I never saw my father again, never saw my father.

He, he didn't survive the camp.

My husband's father. My father survived the, the march--the third march and he had typhus and he didn't survive. Neither did my brother-in-law but my youngest brother-in-law whom I saw in Auschwitz, you know, in Auschwitz so it was something, yeah. My husband--he never thought, never thought that he'll see me and that he, he didn't know that I was pregnant. He didn't know that I was pregnant.

Did you, did you plan to stay in Michalovce again?

No. You know, neighbors who took our things and, and they didn't try to help us. There were a few who tried to help us. There were a few people who were good to us, but we were very disappointed in many people, in many people, you know. So what--I don't even want to think about it. Just...

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