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Rose Green - May 21, 2008


The following is an interview with Rose Green on the afternoon of May 21, 2008 at her home in West Bloomfield, Michigan. The interviewer is Sidney Bolkosky.

...???. I played a trick on the Germans.

You, you survived.


Could you tell me your name please, and where you were born?

My name is Rose, but I had many names. My Jewish name was Rachel, my Slovak name was Růžena, Hungarian was Rózsi, but I use Rose. So I don't know which name do you want? Rose, Rose. Just one name is enough, you know.

And your, your maiden name?


Elefant. E-l-e...I saw it-f-a-n-t?

Elefant, yes. Elefant, like this.


Růžena, you see that flower? Slovak name, my Slovak name, because I went to Slovak school. My, my birth--on my birthday--birth card, my name is Rachel. But uh, in the Slovak school, what kind of name is Rachel? That's not a good name. In, in America it's a good name, Rachel. So they called me Růžena. In Hungarian they called me Rózsi. So I had many names.

And your married name?

??? My husband's name was ???, but when we came to America after the war, we change it to Green.


It's a long story. It's very long story.


I don't know if you have the time to listen to it.

Well maybe we'll talk a little bit about it.


And, and you were born where?

Ložín, L-o-ž-ĺ-n, Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovakia. That's uh, that's village by Michalovce. It's here. Here you have the Michalovce. Here, I was born in Ložín, by Michalovce, Slovakia. So I...

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