Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Finding Family in Camp

Had you been able to communicate with your father while you were in Auschwitz?

No, no.

Not at all?

I tried to, I tried to, tried to find somehow a way to communicate with him and I'm sure he tried to find me. It wasn't possible. But I met my brother-in-law-my husband's youngest brother was there uh, and uh, his wife was with me also. I had two sisters-in-law with me. One was the brother-in-law's wife and one was my husband's sister and uh, that youngest brother-in-law made it somehow. We, we met--somebody brought us together there. We met there and we--he was carrying blankets from one--from the men's Lager to the women's Lager, you know, the disinfected, disinfected. They put lice in it--more lice in it. And uh, we met there once. Yeah, we met there once.

So did you know that your father was still alive?

I knew that my father was alive because there was somebody uh, somebody saw him there--somebody. You know, there were people who knew people, you know, and people that came by, like uh, like those blankets. You know, they were disinfected at louse and, you know, the blankets were in louse. Were they in louse? No, they just took 'em in something and maybe they, they made more lice in it or something, I don't know. So, but those people coming back and forth, they, they, they brought messages from--and people who worked there longer, they already knew people on the other side, you know, on the men's side. They, they, they knew each other, you know, they, they had some kind of communication. Like one of my girlfriends had a, had a guy who--she met him like that and they live in Australia. They got married after the war and uh, and they live in Aus...Australia, so there are all kinds of mixed up things.

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