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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Reuniting with Sister

My son, he wants to--you to give him your phone number.


??? phone number. Sid Bolkosky.


Thank you very much.


So what did we talk about?

Your sister was coming to find you.

Yeah, yeah, she, she went into--it was already evening and they didn't have any place to sleep or anything. They had to go somewhere to eat and to sleep. But she said, "There is a hospital, I'm going to go in and maybe I can telephone--maybe they can give me some information." My sister was a very bright girl and she went into that hospital and told them that--who she's looking for and they said, "She's here." Can you imagine that?


That, that's, that was one of the most amazing things. She didn't have to look. So they put 'em up to sleep there and they uh, she right away--the nurse came. The nurse just brought me the baby to nurse. It was uh, late, I don't know what time it was at night--it was nine o'clock or eight o'clock. And uh, when she told me that, you know, "Your sister is here, your sister is here." I, I said to her--I told her--she's bringing my--the baby to me to nurse. I said, ??? so after, "Your sister is here." I says, "Oh, all right, come in, let her come in," and then my sister Ella stood by the door with a big smile on her face. I thought, I thought I would die. I thought I would die. I started to shake. I was shaking. They took away the baby. They fed him something else; they didn't let me feed it that night because I was very nervous. I was so shaken up that I couldn't besides I thought really, I thought I'll have a nervous breakdown or something, to see my sister like this appear from nowhere.

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