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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Family Today

Do you have grandchildren?

No, my sons are not married. My younger son was married; he divorced. This one saved himself the trouble. Do you have a family?

I have two children and they're older; they're in their thirties.


They're in their thirties, but no grandchildren.

No grandchildren, yeah. Girl or boy?

Girl and a boy. My daughter's married, my son is not. Uh, we're waiting.

I hope, hope you have good kids.

They are. They're both musicians actually.

Musicians? Oh!

Do you think that this, this history is important to know about?

Yes, it is very important. You know what? I went to Israel a few times--I was there about a dozen times, maybe more, and I always went to the museums and to the places and the last couple of times I didn't go because it was very hard for me to walk. I, you know, I'm ninety-two years old, so I--my feet are being trouble. I don't walk too much and now I don't even have a cleaning woman, I have to do it myself. That's a hard, hard thing to do for me. My woman got sick, so that's very hard for me to do but I'm going to find somebody soon.

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