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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Daily Life in Work Camp

That's nice. Um, you were there for five months. That was a bad winter.

Very bad winter. It was very cold. To walk to work--I don't remember exactly--it was about three kilometers from the camp to the factory. And I was--you have to go uh, we went through a whole town and beside that but they said it was about three kilometer. We had to walk back and forth. After a hard day's work in the cold, can you imagine that?

So you walked through a German town.


And people saw you.

No, no, no, nobody paid attention to us. We, we went--we walked early in the morning. The streets were always empty--trucks and stuff. And we came home in the evening--twelve hours, you know. So if you left six o'clock in the morning, so we had to be at work at seven and we left at seven, so it was already--so we didn't see too many people. Uh, Sunday--when was it? On Christmas we had to go clean the factories so we worked just half day. We went early the morning from, from about seven to one or two o'clock and uh, we cleaned the factories. To get up on a, on a twelve feet uh, ladder and clean the ??? there, you know.

To celebrate Christmas?

Well, to clean up the factory, you know. But they wouldn't let us uh, inhuman, inhuman--just hard to believe. You know what, if somebody would tell me these stories I would say they're lying, they are, they are dreaming, they are hallucinating. Can I give you something to eat?


I have some fruit there.

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