Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Green - May 21, 2008


And you haven't been back to Europe at all?

I don't want to see it. My husband said that once very good people used to repeat him. He says, "Good people want to go to Czechoslovakia." He would like to go on a glass boat--glass, glass-bottom boat to see them drown there, all of 'em. He was very angry. He was very angry.

Did he or you distinguish between the Czechs and the Slovakians?

Well, the Czechs are fine people, the Slovaks are pigs.

Okay. I guess the answer's yes to that. Yeah.

Yeah, Slovaks are Slovaks.

Are there times when um, when you see something or hear something that reminds you of your experience during the--you said when you saw the incinerator then...

Oh, a lot of things, a lot of things always. I see movies or, or even talking to people. My children are very, very aware of everything what--and I never talked to them about it very much.


Because I couldn't talk, not because--because I want them to know, but they know what it is and they know. And they ask; now they ask questions. When they were younger I didn't want to bother them. My husband didn't want to know. He knew because he read a lot and he saw films and everything, but he didn't like to talk about it.

It's hard.


It's hard.

It's very hard. He, he, he felt bad what I went through, you know, and his sister, with a young boy, his mother, his brother. It's, it's very, very hard.

So you haven't really talked about it outside the family either?

Not very much. Once in awhile, you know, when we talk about something and something comes up, I will say something but you never desire to talk about it.

Are there other survivors that you know that talk about it?

There used to be. There used to be. They're all dead already. They died. Most of them died already.

Did you have nightmares?

Not anymore.

You did.

I used to, yeah. Oh, oh, I used to scream, I used to scream at night.

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