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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Help from Gentiles

Did any of your non-Jewish neighbors offer help? Did they give you...

They just wanted us to leave them uh, to--they're going to save our, our stuff, you know, so they should give it to them. Some of them--I have a few pieces here which uh, Slovak friends saved for us. I didn't even know that I had it because my mother took it as she gave it to some people to save it and after the war they brought it for me. They asked my--in the--they came into the yard and asked if a Dr. Elefant's daughter lives here--boxes of stuff. But some of them didn't give. Some--our neighbors, my husband's neighbors--my mother-in-law gave 'em all a bunch of beddings and linens, and I don't know, dishes and stuff. A whole household, you know. And uh, they wouldn't let us in the house. They said that the Russians took everything. This wasn't true. They--she has it all.

Have you been back to visit?

I didn't want to see 'em. I don't want to see 'em.

So you've never been back to check...

Never, never, never, never. I would have liked to go to see my fa...grandfather's grave but uh, you know, just pay respect--but I, I respect this way.

When the war started what, did anything change in your life?


Were there any major changes right away in your life when the war started?

Well, not really, you know, I was very--first of all, I wasn't well. I was very weak. I--my hands, my feet were frozen. We were walking uh, walking three kilometers to work, three kilometers back after twelve hours work, one way...

This is in Auschwitz?


You're talking about at Auschwitz.

Yeah. Not in Auschwitz. I was in Auschwitz only a month. I went to the work camp, to ???, so. But in the working camp, it was a little bit better in the working camp because uh, we didn't get very much more food, but at least I had one bed for myself. I was a very, very thin little, little cover and uh, with straw in the bed, which was okay, I didn't care. I was so tired I didn't know where I'm laying, but, uh...

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