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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Being Separated from Husband

So you were separated from your husband?

Oh yeah.

When was that?

Uh, when, when they deported us. My husband stayed home. He didn't, he--my husband wasn't deported. He went, he went to work and uh, I was deported from the home. And uh, he came uh, he came after me and my father was there with me and he chased them away. He told him--he dressed up as a peasant and came into the camp in ???, it was the camp where they gathered the people, you know. And my father was there, and my mother, and my father saw him and he told them--he couldn't speak, just told them, "Holech. Go, go, go, go home, go home, go home," so he went. He tried to get me out. He tried to take me. You know, there was no, no, no such a thing as being very smart. Very dumb people survived, very smart people went, you know, it was luck, luck. Everything was luck.

How did you find out you were going to be deported? Did they tell you ahead of time?

Oh they, they just came in and, and dragged us. We, we were getting ready, we were getting ready for a--we had a--there--I told you that we went to that farm, state farm working and it--we were getting ready for dinner and they came in. They acted like furies, like locusts, all of them--bunch of them.

Who came in?

Germans. It was Germans already at the time. Slovaks and Germans, they came in and, and uh, grabbed us and uh, so...

And took you where?

Took us to, to Sered at the time. And from Sered then--we were working there all summer and from there they came again and, and took us away.

What was it like in Sered?

In Sered we were working there. We were there just for about a month or so. Uh, I remember I was working with the hospital. I was uh, taking care of patients--there was a hospital. And the food was terrible naturally.

You slept on bunk beds?

No. We had, we had how many of us? We had big rooms. I don't--I think we had about ten people or a dozen people. Bed--everybody had a bed for himself in Sered. And uh, we were--the food was not too bad really.

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