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Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Being Transported to Labor Camp

Okay, so you were Auschwitz you think for about a month.

I was about a month in Auschwitz and from there we went ???, and from ??? to ???. I was in two working camps.

??? and, and what's the second one?

Yeah, here, here is this--see I, I wouldn't have even remembered sometimes the name. I--sometimes I remember without any, any thinking.

It's listed on there.

It's listed here, you see. Let me see, where is it? Arbeitslager ??? and ???. I had to--this is six...sixty-three years old.

So ??? S-a-k-i-s-c-h dash K-d-o-v-a and Kleinschaum.



??? is by Zittau. It's a--Zittau is the city and ??? was the working camp. That was like a factory place.

So how were you selected to go to ???

How--??? We went--not by myself, there were a lot of--many of us. They came to, they came to Auschwitz to pick out workers to the factory.

What--do you know what they made in the fac...was it airplane parts?

Airplane parts we made.

You don't know the company? ???



I don't remember.


Maybe I didn't even know. Maybe I didn't know.

Probably not, yeah.

Probably didn't know. And my uh, when they came and looked for--I don't know how many of us went there. Quite a few of us--a whole bunch of us went there and uh, they picked me out. They let us stand in line and they picked us out. And uh, so we went there and we worked. It was very hard.

You were picked by German soldiers?

Not German soldiers, but there were Ger...German soldiers were everywhere ???. There was people who, who owned the factories, or, or...

They were civilians.

Civilians, yeah, yeah. They picked us out. But the German soldiers were around, you know. They let us pick out, you know, they were supervising or whatever and uh, so...

Did they put you on a train?

Yes. Let's see did they take us right away? Not right away. I think they gave us a couple days or so and, and then put us on the train and we went there to work. Yes, yes, yes. We went on the train. There were a whole bunch of us working there.

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