Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Rose Green - May 21, 2008

Being Pregnant in Camp II

Tell that me again, if anyone had found out about your pregnancy, you think you would have gone...

No question. They would have killed me.

When did they start to notice?

Nobody noticed, I told them. My sister-in-law-I told my sister-in-law later, and uh, I told 'em later and uh, so, she...

But you didn't tell the Germans.

Uh, later I had to tell uh, tell them, because I uh, I started to show, you know.

What did they do?

Nothing, nothing, nothing. At that time, they didn't gas anymore. The last few months they uh, they didn't gas anymore. Not, not, not where I was at that place. There was no--they'd have to ship me someplace, I don't know, or kill me with a gun or something. But I, I just, you know what? In all trouble--in all that, I wanted to live. I, I wanted to live. I wanted to somehow show Hitler that I'm not going to give in. There are a few girls to touch the wire and they died right next to the wire. Did you hear about that?

On purpose.


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