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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985


Nathan Weiselman was born in 1914 in Radom, Poland. During most of the war, Mr. Weiselman was confined to a Russian work camp. Following the war, he returned briefly to Radom. Finding that his entire family had perished, he left Poland and spent three years in a DP camp in Austria. After marrying in Austria, Mr. Weiselman and his wife stayed briefly in an Italian DP camp, eventually immigrating to New Mexico.

  1. Introduction
  2. DP Camp
  3. Italy
  4. United States
  5. Early Years in America
  6. Starting a Business
  7. Early Years in America II
  8. Early Years in America III
  9. Early Years in America IV
  10. Early Years in America V
  11. Success
  12. Growing Up
  13. Family
  14. Growing Up II
  15. Education and Work
  16. Family II
  17. Family III
  18. Family IV
  19. Soviet Camp
  20. Soviet Camp II
  21. Second Soviet Camp
  22. Second Soviet Camp II
  23. Conditions in the Camp
  24. The Coalmine
  25. The Coalmine II
  26. Surviving
  27. Fellow Prisoners
  28. Surviving II
  29. Liberation
  30. After Liberation
  31. Izobil'nyy
  32. Returning to Poland
  33. Radom
  34. Radom II
  35. Radom III
  36. Emigration
  37. Austria
  38. Remembering the Camp
  39. Remembering the Camp II
  40. Remembering the Camp III
  41. Remembering the Camp IV
  42. Remembering Poland
  43. Las Cruces
  44. Conclusion

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