Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985


Yes. Let me ask you one more question.


Um, when you think back over the whole Holocaust experience-your experience. Do you have any general uh, feeling, any, does one idea keep on coming back to you at all?

Yeah. When I told you when I trained myself to run away from the camp, and I went to this village and I was close to going and open the door, to exchange for some clothing and shoes, you know, for money. And when this teenagers start to scream, "I saw ???, I saw Moses." The reason they call me Moses, when they didn't know a name of a Jewish man, that, that, then they, they got accustomed, they like to call Moses. And when they went for the Gestapo and they swear it, a name "??? Jesus, that I saw Moses." I can never forget that the name of religion, to kill, so, like murders, to be so anxious to turn over another Jew to be, to be killed, to the Germans. It happened in connection with this, it happened about two years ago, I was invited to go to a Passover for a survivors' gathering, to have a Yizkor for the people, for the six million, in honor of the people who survived, which was only thirteen people altogether from Las Cruces and El Paso. And it was, on this occasion was a play, the play was called, "Butterfly." It was mostly conduc...was conducted from uh, elementary school children. It was Jewish children and Gentile children. Majority, like in El Paso, you know the schools are majority Gentile, so probably it was about eighty percent Gentile children and twenty percent Jewish children. They portrayed, of course, very watered down about this concentr...what, about the concentration camps where children were over there and they ??? read about the butterfly that they saw before, when before the concentration camp, and the butterfly does not fly anymore in the, in the camps. And so, other atrocities for when the Germans took Jewish uh, children, you know, and they never came back.

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