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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Fellow Prisoners

After they find out that I, that I am a tailor, they told me, you're going, you have to, they said, you're going to work in a tailor shop. I said all right. So of course the tailor shop work was a very, very easy job. And we, the food really what they gave us almost enough. Not working uh, exposed to the really cold. But I had the opportunity to obtain much more food because I had uh, make, making all kinds of work for people who are in the admin...administrative, adm... administration, like in the grocery store, cooks, and so other, you know, suppliers. So I, and I made them a share of the leftovers, some kind of a coat, or ??? jacket, money, because money couldn't do anything, so they gave us, they gave me uh, ration cards, two, three extra ration cards on each day. And I actually, so I have three, four friends, I provided to them the rest of the, what I have surplus from the ration card, 'cause I didn't need. But I, I have really more people find out about me that I have connections, so they came into the tailor shop and they ask me for extra, they call it ???, it means the ration cards, uh, for the food for the day. So, I did give them mine 'cause I really didn't need it, the only thing I could get, I could go back three times, so I gave them...

[interruption in interview]

Manager in the tailor shop was a Russian Jew from ???.

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