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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Early Years in America IV

And I was very anxious to make these stores happy with my work and my timing for-because I just, every time, I thought-said to myself I would do whatever it's going to be required that I would never have to go back to any relief and this was my challenge. The fact is, because of my eagerness of bringing to myself to be, to be independent; I made some big mistakes that fired back on my success in the business. For instance, when they ask me, "You think that you're going to try to treat us the best, not some like the other guy who was always drunk, that you going to come for the clothing, pick it up as soon it's ready, deliver it back and everything," I said, "Sure, I can do everything that's possible to make you happy, anything you want." Of course this was my big mistake because when, that time, in the '52, 1952, we got for pants, I took fifty cents for an alteration, I could make ??? fifty cents. So, when they come from the store, maybe, maybe the customer, he's going to buy a pair of pants but he wants ??? for the pants. Then I set down to the machine to make the pants because for then, you have to press to finish it and then bring it back, the pants, to the store. It came out, instead to have the pants done in ten minutes, it took me ten, ten minutes to go pick up the, ten, ten minutes to take back the pants, so I came up with, with half an hour, fifty cents. It was soon was that the first year, I made sixty, uh, dollars a week, I came out forty dollars a week. I worked very hard. But I decided again that I ???. Then we, I discussed this with my wife, and my wife ??? she ??? in America we have to conduct our business, and that was really...

[interruption in interview]

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