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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985



And that's why I changed my mind and I decided even with the best of condition if they could give me, I, I rather want to go out. This was one reason. The second, I couldn't stay in this town more than longer because when I went in the streets or in the city, I remind me of my past, where I used to live, where my uncle used to live, my brother, my sister, where she was, where the family was, and everything was destroyed. It was only ??? we have over there, stables from horses, you know, and the roof was gone. It was very sad. So I decided to go out.

Uh, what, what year did you leave Poland?

I left Poland, I came in, in '46, I left Poland in '47.

And uh, uh, when you went from there to the DP camp in Austria?


Uh, where did you meet your wife?

In Austria, in DP camp, in DP camp, yeah.

And when did you get married to her?

Okay, what happened, so, when we met in the DP camp, uh, we decided that we're going to go to this, to Palestine that time, it was. And, but we got married, like, uh, in a certain time, in a very short time, in two days later we received from Rakha a summons that we have to live together and to join the Rakha to go work to Austria. So she got over there, fact is...

To go to Australia?

To Austria.


Yeah. She had in fact been living...

You were in Austria, though, weren't you?


Wh...wh..., which camp were you in?

No, when I left Poland.


We went, we, before I left Pol...Poland, Poland, I was in a DP camp. This was just at a Jewish DP camp, camp ??? in Austria.

In Poland. In Austria.


All right. But then you met your wife there.

Yeah, over there I, I met my wife and, and when we got married, of course it was a family wedding because her, her brother and, and mother lived in Austria in barracks and we made a very nice Jewish wedding ??? and after was a little bit for the parents are respectable, they were very upset that two days after the wedding and they, we, they didn't really force us but they caught us because a ??? group ??? this time in two days that we should be out. So anyway, we got ready to go to, to, to Palestine ???.

All right. You told me uh, uh, ???.

Yeah. And I would like to continue. Then, in this time...

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