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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Early Years in America III

He said, "I'm sorry you have to go back and say for the, ask for the job. And I think if you ask him very, if you ask...," he said, "If you him nice he's going to take you." So, I went back and I said to him, "I'm sorry but they decided." But the one thing, I'm not going to follow this ad...advice about the resolution from the board was to ask for the job. I just go away from Las Cruces and then to Colorado. I work over there, they pay more money because there is not-in El Paso is very cheap labor. And I will work a couple more years and I will make my own, until I buy the machine and ???. And I got already half my things. Then Adolf Schwartz said, "You know, it's not right. It happens because I was not in the meeting and they don't know you. I know you better than, than they know you. And I think they did a very, very poor decision they made because my opinion is instead to, from time to time, they expect to help you, we, my opinion is to put you one time on your feet and I know your type, you would never, you could never come back, you wouldn't have any need to come back for any help." So, he said, "Unpack your things. Don't be so hasty. Give me a few days, and I'm going to call another meeting with the board and I'm going to explain the, that they did the wrong decision. So, he called a meeting and a few days later he called me, Adolf Schwartz did. He says, and he said, "You're going to get not only one machine but you're going to get two machines. You're going to get anything what you want, you know, if you told me, we can give you more. And you go to a store, it was, he was a Jewish owner." And he said, "Find you a couple machines over there. Then you need to look at some places that they have irons and rollers and ??? and everything will be taken care of. So, that's what uh, and you go to Las Cruces and find you a place." So, I find that place and they sent to, to me $110 for two months rent. At that time, we worked. I would say we worked seven days a week and we worked probably from twelve o'clock at night, one o'clock. Because we worked for all the stores in town.

You and your wife?


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