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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Remembering the Camp

Yes, it's ready. You'll have to speak close to this microphone.

Yeah. It was a customary way in the camp where I was to go with two pails every day for a certain, for a group, to have the water, bring it in to the camp. But the water was, was not on our side. It was a well in the other side. It was barbed wire, we couldn't go out to the other side. So the, the Germans gave the authority every day for each group from a few rooms, they can go out from the camp out of the barb...out of the barbed wire and to be on the street, which even some, you know, Poles go, go and they communicating with each other. And we went to the other side of the uh, the camp, we were-it was-the well was, was not direct in the camp. So, outside. So, two friends of mine from my barrack, they went every day and brought this water in ??? two pails. They find out that they have an opportunity to mingle with the persons and the Poles from, from some near, uh, you know, house. And they exchange, they took one pail of water and the other pail, they exchange for money. They got kielbasa, that means sausage, and cheese and bread and butter. So when they brought it to the camp, everybody, everybody was anxious very hungry to get a piece. So they sold it, you know, for money. Of course they made profit because they risk their lives. And they helped out the people who have the money and they was satisfied and the people was satisfied. They were, on one piece of bread was twenty, thirty buyers, whoever was lucky to grab the first, you know, you got it. So, I decided one time that I'm, this idea to imitate them. And they were already ??? water and they brought another pail with, with produce and they made so much money and they were by themselves, you know, pretty, pretty good, you know uh, have to eat what's left over. I decided to take uh, two pails. Of course, it was four friends that we were together, and we shared everything. And, and we said to ourself, one to another, who's going to go and take the chance.

[interruption in interview]

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