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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Growing Up

Where were you born?

In Radom, Poland.


City, Radom.

And uh, uh, what, uh, did your father do?

He was a tailor and made his own clothing and sold them to, on the markets, to peasants.

What was his name?

Mendel We-Mendel Weiselman


Mendel, yeah.

And what was your mother's name?

My mother's name was Chaya Corman.

Chaya Corman?

From the Cormans. Which there were quite a-maybe eight children, brothers and sisters, which it used to be in, Shmuel Corman, he used to be the main leader of the Jewish community, and there was a representative in the city hall, Ishmael Corman.

Uh, in Radom?

In Radom.

In Radom. And uh, how many uh, brothers and sisters did you have?

We have, we were eight children. And together we were ten people.

Can you...

??? my mother. LB : Can you tell me what their names were?

Yes. It was the oldest brother, Shmuel-should I say it in, in, in, in Yiddish?




Or Shmuel.

Either one, it's all right.

Shmuel, Yaacov, Maya, Weiser.


Weiser. Eliazar.

Oh. Oh, Eliazar.

And Netuah, which is my name.

All right.

And my sister was Ruhu, Esther...


Ruhu, Ruhela.



Okay, I thought you said Rachel.

Pola ???. ??? Pola, Pola. And Esther.

Five boys and three girls.


And you were the fifth child?

I would say um, I, I had a sister which was younger, two years, from me.

Which sister was that?


Pola was younger.


And did you have any brothers who were younger than you?


So you were the, uh...




Seventh child.

Seventh child. Yeah.

Seventh child. All right. And um, uh, you said that your father, what, what business did your father have?

He was a professional tailor.


And he made the, the clothing, from piece goods, and, and he went on the market of, uh, several days a week, like four times a week he went in different markets uh, to villages, put up a tent, and, and he sold for the peasants, the clothing.

Did your brothers and sisters also work in your, your business?

Yeah. My oldest brother worked in the business.

Is that Shmuel?

Shmuel. Yeah. And I worked in the beginning helping my father in the business. And my other brothers, they were ??? machers

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