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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Family II

And then the business start to go down, started to get more anti-Semitism in Poland, especially in our hometown, they used to encourage students when they come for Christmas they started picketing the Jewish establishment.

What years were this?

This is was in the, the, the po..., the, the late '20s, and it happened continuously. So it was economical bad for everybody and for us, too. So it came along, a matchmaker, and he said to my family, "I have a very, very good girl for your son."

A very good what?

"A very nice girl for your son. But she is in Toronto, Canada. Her father sits ???." Hebrew, in Hebrew, in Hebrew saying. That means day and night he studied, the Gemorah, the Bible and some other Jewish, you know, religious uh, books. And he would be very happy if, if he goes to Canada, he would married her. So my parents persuaded him, the girl comes from such a nice family, she probably must be good, too, nice, ??? to marry from such family. So she, she sent him a picture and the picture was very nice. He send it, they came that he went to Canada. But, before he went to Canada, the Canadian government want to make it sure this is not a fiction, this whole thing. So they organize a wedding. Castle Garden. [pause]

Yes. Yes.

??? New York. It's not far from Canada. She came with veil on, you know, covered her face...

The veil.

The veil. Uh, they made a very great ceremony and of course he-they gave a traditional wedding, and he gave the ceremonial ring ??? and they took off and it was prepared very beautiful home for them, about eight rooms because she got very rich uncles over there. He come home, she took off the veil, said ???, he said, couldn't believe it, she looks like she would be my grandmother. Then he decided that he is not going to be her husband and he talked to the uncles and he told them the story that he got the picture and the picture probably was from so many years, years ago and he cannot live with her. So they decided of course they told, they told him that he has to take all his belongings and go out. So he did.

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