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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985


And then I offered-bought me a home, after I bought me a home, I bought, I bought a store. And from the store I start to do business besides the alterations with used clothing and then with new clothing and I, and I was very prosperous. And I think I could say I can be proud of myself and I'm very, very happy that I came to the United States because in the old country could never happen there, that a person won't have anything, just come with a thimble and a needle and in uh, time and years to grow every year better and better and to have a beautiful store and not only with, to have the store, it is my own. Which I build it, a small little shopping center, which I rent to others, out some other stores, for other stores. And whenever most of the time when customers open the door, they come into my place to shop um, many times I am thinking that my father would never have even a dream to have his own store. Because he-we lived in an apartment house, three floors, and it was just not possible. They don't-the op...opportunities was so limited, it's unbelievable. When, for instance, it became possible. ??? I would say. And we got to prepare ??? and ??? and different thing for eight days for ten people. I could see on the racks of the clothing at the price. It was a quarter of the rack empty and it took us quite of months to get back the money in profit to buy back the clothing and to make other suits. So I'm, I'm did appreciate that I am very lucky that I don't have to go twenty below zero to different villages and put up a tent to sell the merchandising. The customer's coming to me.

Are you still in business, Mr. Weiselman?

No, I retired one and half years ago.

I see. Um, well, you were mentioning just now, Mr. Weiselman, about uh, what it was like in the old country.


Uh, can you tell me when you were born, where you were born, something about your family?

Okay, I was born 26th of April 1914. That was after the, when the war ??? I was born.

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