Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Remembering the Camp II

You were going to get the pail.

So, I decided with my other three friends that we could make, earn a lot of food for the money because they got two, three times more what they paid from it. But we, if we could do that, we would be in good shape. But we always discussed one with another, all the four friends, who was going to go, who going to take the chance, maybe they catch me, they, they see in the observation point and maybe they kill me. And it's too risky and everybody, it was not any guys who took the guts, you know, got the guts to go out and say "I'm going to be." And, and then I saw a friend of mine said, "I go." And then the other friends, brave guys, and they say the other go. And then I said, "No, you're not going to go, I'm going to go." Because it inspired me because they were so willingly, so I did go out with this two pails. Uh, probably the-we pretended that I am the carrier from the water and the sergeant on the observation point was thinking the same way. They forgot that somebody was over there. So, I went out and got together and got, and it was really close to that uh, water, the water was a few villagers, you know, living some people too close to the well. And I went in with money because the people gave me in advance the money. And I brought back two pails with all kinds of food in them, I brought. And then when I was in, passing through, the same guard remind himself probably that was already two people who are, they're collecting, you know, the water, bringing the water, and what I am doing? And he called me, "Come here, come in here." And then he went down and opened the pails, in the observation point, and he sees there's two pails full of food. So, they arr...arrested me. I was all night in the dark uh, dungeon. In the morning, they said...

This is the Germans who arrested you?

The Germans, yeah. In the morning, they got about, about six, you know, Germans uh, you know, the Gestapo. And I was in the middle. And they said we going to, we made a verdict, we sentenced you, but we're not going to say yet. We're going to call all the inmates from all the camps and you going, and they going to see what we're going to do with you.

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