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Nathan Weiselman - January 1, 1985

Family III

And after, it came, the immigration office, and they called him and they said, "It's going to be a trial because you are illegal in our country, in the Un...in Canada." And it came to the trial the question about to deport him. So my, uh, I still remember like it was today, all the papers in my hometown, which was 175,000 people. It was written on the headlines, how "lonesome Jewish immigrant is protecting himself from not being deported from Canada." He didn't even need to have a lawyer. So finally a law is a law and they decided the verdict was that he has to be deported. So he was deported and, and we received a letter from the Canadian immigration office to my parent that your son is going to be back probably this and this day. So we went to the railroad station-station and waited and one day, another day, another day, he didn't come. After we receive a letter from Ireland that he is in Ireland. It happened so, on the ship when he went back to come back to, to our hometown, he came to know the mayor of Ireland, which was Jewish at this time, I forgot his name. And he told him the story like I tell you. So he decided he is going to help him out and took him to his home. And they took good care of him. Then he opened a little business, tabacca-tobacco, merchandise, small business and it was very hard to get the citizen over there, but since the mayor of this, of the city, in Dublin, it was, was it, he helped him out. And after one day we received, it was before Yom Kippur, a letter from him. He-it's written that letter, "the sun start to rise for me." Then it came ???, and we didn't understand and we are, we understand it's going to be something sent. So after we wrote again a letter and he told us that he's in hospital and after another week later we receive from the hospital a letter that he had a, an operation, an appendix, and he died. And this was with my first brother.

I see.

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