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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008


Zivia Fischler was born in Reichenberg, Czechoslovakia in 1933. Following the German annexation of the Sudetenland in 1938, her family moved to Prague. Zivia's parents then arranged for her older brother, Baruch to be sent to England on a transport organized by Nicholas Winton. Zivia, unable to travel due to a broken leg, was sent on a later transport, also organized by Winton. Both siblings lived with their aunt and uncle in London before being split up. Baruch was boarded at Gwrych Castle and then moved to London to work. He joined the British Army after the war. Zivia was sent to stay at several different schools and family members for the duration of the war. After the war the siblings moved to Palestine to be with their parents who both had survived the war.

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Fate of Family
  4. Family Life
  5. Religious Life
  6. Religious Education
  7. Life in Sudetenland
  8. Attending Czech School
  9. Life in Prague
  10. Family Escapes Czechoslovakia
  11. Boarding at Gwrych Castle
  12. Being Sent to England
  13. Being Sent to England II
  14. Fate of Parents
  15. Fate of Parents II
  16. Saving Family from Vienna
  17. Experience on Kindertransport
  18. Experience on Kindertransport II
  19. Life in England
  20. Living Through the Blitz
  21. Working in London
  22. Life in England II
  23. Feelings on Experience
  24. Feelings on Experience II
  25. Communication with Parents
  26. Meeting Spouses
  27. Reuniting with Parents
  28. Joining the British Army
  29. Hearing about the Holocaust
  30. Visiting Germany
  31. Memories
  32. Thoughts on the British
  33. Thoughts on the British II
  34. Thoughts on Karl May
  35. Returning to Czechoslovakia
  36. Life in Israel
  37. Thoughts on Winton
  38. Sharing Story
  39. Thoughts on Holocaust Education
  40. Befriending Germans
  41. Conclusion

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