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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Sharing Story

Have, have either of you told your stories to other people?

ZF: I don't know about Baruch. I wanted to say one thing: until, until about 15 years-10 or 15 years ago I wouldn't have mentioned any of this. For me, I wasn't a Holocaust survivor. We were the lucky ones. We have nothing to tell. Nobody killed us, we stayed alive. After w...uh, you know, uh, we just didn't, we didn't-never talked about this at all until many, many years later until I had my own children so we changed and the atmosphere also changed so uh, but at the beginning uh, Baruch?

BS: Hmm?

ZF: You too. We never talked about where-what we went through let's say in England or things like that.

BS: ???

ZF: No, we thou...we thought that we were the lucky ones.

BS: Yes, we were lucky.

ZF: We're the lucky ones...

BS: Very lucky.

ZF: ...we got out. It was like that that we wouldn't get out.

BS: I heard that ??? there were a lot of children who wanted to but came too late. If it's too late, they couldn't get to England anymore. It would've been-when the war broke out-finished and I imagine they landed in Auschwitz or somewhere like that.

Yeah. Well, the last train-there's apparently only one or two...

ZF: Yes...

...children who survived.

ZF: ...one, one survivor is for cl...for sure, the other one they are not sure of.

Ruth Federman.

ZF: Ruth Federman, yes.

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