Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Being Sent to England

ZF: ??? I'm going to go back to the story now. So, Moshe, my elder brother, was sent to Palestine and then my mother had to get rid of us, you know, had to send us to some place. What uh, I don't know how she got the list, I don't know how she got anything. I just know he went with Malka and the other children that you see here and some more of family. They all went in one Kindertransport and I didn't go because I broke a leg or did something I ??? guess. I had a leg in a cast and no children with any, you know, weren't perfectly fit were taken so I, I was left behind. My mother fainted when they told her that. Um, it was-I think I left either at the end of July or the beginning-or, or, or during first two weeks of August. Two weeks before the war, war ???. I think it was the last Kindertransport that arrived in England. There was another one on the, on the-that they were planning and I think it didn't get there. And I, I didn't go with them. I went alone. I didn't know anyone so I come back to the story about kindergarten when I was screaming I didn't want to go there. My mother brought me to this train, this I remember very well. She put me inside the compartment. She asked the older children to take care of me and she said to me, "Now you behave and don't scream and don't cry." And then she closed the window and there was another relative ??? who was running to say-wanted to say goodbye to me and she asked me to open the window again and he threw in a ball, you know, a present-he brought me a present. And then the sta...and then the, then the train started moving.

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