Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Communication with Parents

Did you get any letters from you parents? You said they didn't write.

ZF: At the beginning they couldn't write. Uh, there was no connection. Certain, certain periods there was-we didn't have any post...

BS: Hmm?

ZF: We didn't have any post from them...

BS: Mm-hm.

ZF: ...after a certain period.

Even when they were in Palestine.

ZF: But after-yeah. At the beginning it was, it was difficult war time; it took months and months...


ZF: But there were a few postcards from them here and there. They knew-we knew when they arrived there. We were told that your parents...

So they were safe.

ZF: ...??? we knew that they were safe at that time and uh, that's it. That's uh, so everybody has very si...different experiences. Depended on the age you were, depended on your personality, of course and, and...

How do you think all that affected you?

ZF: I think it affected my memory very badly. This I'm sure of. I mean, I have no-I'm sure that it affected my memory very badly and uh, uh it made me very introverted, you know, I did not connect-I don't connect to people. Even today I find it very difficult to become part of something.

But you're here.

ZF: Yes, I know I'm here and many years have passed and this is a disgrace but it is something so deeply inset in your-it's just you can't change it anymore. That's it. But we lived our lives, we got married, have children, grandchildren and so forth, so...

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