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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Thoughts on Winton

Okay. Tell me what you think about Nicholas Winton.

ZF: I think he's a very unique person. I mean, you just take a person who has nothing to do with-he was a stock broker or something like that, I don't-he was a stock broker, he wasn't-that's the last kind of person you would think go and help, you know, break your head about brining kids to England. It's amazing. He's, he's, he's a riddle; for me, he's a riddle. And, and the very fact that nobody, not even his wife, knew that he had done any of these things. She found all this in the attic-I told you this story, I know-so that you can't even say of him that maybe he wanted people think he was a good man or he'd done something for humanity-he didn't even want to-anyone to know it. It's, it's, it's uh, it's real exotic-what to call him? It's, it's the cleanest sort of person that I, you know, you have no motive behind this-second thoughts or-in my opinion anyway. He is a very unique individual.

And you feel the same way about him?

BS: Yes, yes.

It's hard not to.

BS: ???

ZF: What?

It's hard not to.

ZF: Yes. He's very-he is a very unique person, there's no doubt about it.

BS: He's-how old is the man? I don't even remember.

ZF: Ninety-six...

Ninety-six or 97.

ZF: ...or 97 already.

BS: Ninety...

ZF: I, I show you-did I show you the picture of him? We are with Winton here.

BS: Mm-hm.

ZF: That was the last time he was in Tel Aviv and then we met him personally so what have we ???. I just wanted you-I brought these pictures because...

I'm glad you did.

ZF: ...you know, this'll give you the, the overall-this aunt and this clan and how, how...

[interruption in interview]

ZF: This is here Nicholas Winton. Winton, Baruch and me.

BS: That's Winton in the middle.

ZF: Yes, and this is with Malka as he is today. Malka Sternberg. It's also Winton. I don't know whether she showed you this photo.


BS: Exotic.

Exotic? What do you mean?

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