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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Life in Sudetenland

So do you remember the Munich Con...

BS: Hmm?

Munich Conference?

BS: Yes, yes. Munich we all-we remember.

And what did you think about that?

BS: Hmm?

When that was happening...

BS: What we thought about?

...what did you think about it?

BS: We felt...

Did your parents discuss it at home?

BS: Hmm?

Was there discussion about it at home?

BS: Yes, yes. We were really unhappy about it and that was one of the reasons we left Reichenberg for Prague because they were already beginning to, to-we knew that, that uh, what its name? The Sudetengebiet didn't ??? would be...

ZF: Part of ???

BS:...??? to the Germans.

So you expected more trouble.

BS: Yes, we...

Your father or your family did.

BS: Mm-hm. I remember a day when all the Jews-practically-never all the Jews-most of them I think or-went to the railway station in order to get to Prague because they knew that the, that the Sudetenland would go to Germany. It was the, it was the agreement-the Munich Agreement, yes, and uh, and hundreds of Jews obviously left-most of the Jews who were recorded in ???. Some of the Jews stayed behind because they didn't have the means to get to-wander about in the world.

Do you remember learning about Masaryk?

BS: Hmm?


ZF: Masaryk?

BS: The old Masaryk? Yes, I remem...remember him.

ZF: Masaryk Schule was the name of the...

BS: We went to, to Masaryk School later and then...

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