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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Life in Israel

Um, what, what profession did you go into?

BS: Hmm?

What profession did you go into?

BS: I worked with the railwa...railway, railways. Um, first as an uh, as kind of an inspector, kind of um, what's his name in the, um...

ZF: Ticket sales.

BS: Hmm?

ZF: Ticket sales.

BS: And I sold tickets and then I worked as a, as uh, what's his name? As a clerk, clerk.

And you went into designing?

ZF: I did all sorts of things. I didn't finish anything. I learned two years at the Technion in um, what was it called? Chemistry. And I finished school-matriculation-and then I went two years studying chemistry then I decided it's not for me. I took courses in interior decoration and all kinds of other things as well-construction, things like that but I didn't uh, I didn't work a great deal, in that I had a family then and I decided that since I grew up without parents that my children will grow up with at least a mother at home and until the children were about ten years old I didn't go to work and they were all small together, so...

What are there names?

ZF: Hmm?

Chi...what're your children's name?

ZF: Oh, Iddo is the name of my son; he's the oldest and the girls are called Shani and ???. they are Hebrew names, Hebrew names.

And what're your children's name?

ZF: Oh...

BS: My children are in Tzfat; both of them are in Tzfat.

ZF: No, no what're their names?

What're their names?

BS: Oh, their names. One is, uh...

ZF: The names, the names...

BS: ...one is Johan ??? changed his name. ??? Alon and the other one, the other one is, uh...

ZF: ???

BS: ??? Alon is a painter and he's got a little gallery there in, in Tzfat.

I see.

ZF: Yeah, these are religious paintings, these are religious.

BS: They're both religious.

ZF: No, they're very talented, his sons.

BS: Very opposite of myself. My father was religious, I was not religious, they are religious.

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