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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Meeting Spouses

How did you meet your husband?

ZF: My husband? He comes from the same town that we were.


ZF: Reichenberg, yes, yes. And um, his, his parents had a shop full of uh, what do you call it? Materials for kind of-for sewing-things for sewing.

BS: We knew the family...

ZF: We knew the family from Reichenberg.

BS: ...and uh, ??? religious ??? and...

ZF: My mother would-she loved to sew. She made all our clothes for us and ??? would take me there so I knew the kids here. Him and his brother would, you know, like to meet them once or twice.

And what about you?

BS: Hmm?

You, you met-how did you meet your wife? Did you meet her in England?

BS: What is it?

Did you meet your wife in England?

BS: No...

ZF: Oh, no, no.

BS: ...I met my wife here. I was her English teacher. That's how we met.

And you have children.

ZF: Yes, yes. He has children and I have children.

How many children?

ZF: Three, a boy and twin daughters.

And grandchildren?

ZF: And grandchildren, too.

How many grandchildren?

ZF: Uh, 3 grandchildren as well.

BS: I've got 14.


BS: Fourteen grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren.

ZF: Yes.

Mazel tov.

BS: Because they're religious.

ZF: Because his, his, his two boys became religious and...

BS: My two ???

ZF: ???, you know what this is.

BS: My one son-middle of my sons they live over in Tzfat. You know, you know Tzfat? You been there?


BS: Well uh, one of this son ???...

ZF: ???

BS: ...yeshiva and the other one, the other one paints. He a painter, an artist and uh, painted...

ZF: They're both very religious.

BS: ??? He sells pictures. He lives in a Paris, Paris now and he, he uh, wants to go to New York-he was in New York already once. He wants to go again and uh, he sort of so now he's, he's quite outgoing. He's uh, he's quite-fairly successful.

Let me ask each of you...

ZF: These are my parents with, with us three children and I mean let's say this about twenty five years ago. It's just, you know, twenty five years ago. My chil...our parents are no longer alive.

This is here?

ZF: Yes, everything is here, here in Israel.

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