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Zivia Fischler - February 4, 2008

Life in England II

And you were living with?

ZF: Well, I lived first in Dawlish. I told you that we were in Dawlish until Dunkirk I think. That's on the coast and when the-Germany was-occupied France we had to leave there. They evacuated everybody from there-from, from Devonshire. And uh, so uh, we went to Oxford, we went to Oxford. This time I was again with ??? and ??? and also at the beginning there were another two children of my aunt-the aunt who went to America. They were there too and we were staying with her and Kindermädchen. You know what that is? A nanny. This was a German nanny-Jewish girl, a Jewish girl-she's-that my aunt had brought from Germany to educate her children. And uh, she had to leave Germany because she was Jewish. And uh, she was our nanny. I mean, she took care of us-she and her brother. Her brother was much older than her and they took care of us children in Oxford.

Who paid for them?

ZF: Huh?

Who paid for them to take care of you?

ZF: Well, I really don't know. I think my aunt either had to have-I think my aunt paid for them.

BS: She did.

ZF: She had a, she had a, she had-they had a various broth...there were a few brothers from, you know, my uncles-brothers of my uncle there and they had a, they had a business there in England in, in, in-where was it? In Bradford? Or in Leeds?

BS: Yup.

ZF: Bradford and Leeds so their transactions were-and when they left England and went to the States there were always backwards and forwards post and everything. I don't know the exact details of that. I really don't. I mean they didn't ask us children or tell us children. We didn't know.

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