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Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981


Salvatore Katan was born in Salonika, Greece and his wife, Lili, was born in Munkacs, Czechoslovakia but was raised near Budapest, Hungary. Both were taken from their respective homes to Auschwitz after the start of the war. After liberation, Salvatore and Lili met at a displaced persons camp. Salvatore then followed Lili back to Budapest where they were married before settling in Italy. They moved to the United States after the birth of their twin boys

  1. Introduction
  2. Family
  3. Life in Salonika Before the War
  4. Life Under German Occupation
  5. Fate of Family
  6. Life in Auschwitz
  7. Sabotaging the Germans
  8. Sabotaging the Germans II
  9. Sabotaging the Germans III
  10. Medical Experiments in Auschwitz
  11. Medical Experiments in Auschwitz II
  12. Resistance and Religion in the Camps
  13. Food in Camp
  14. Life Under German Occupation II
  15. Being Shipped to Auschwitz
  16. Reasons for Survival
  17. Liberation
  18. Meeting Each Other
  19. Returning to Hungary Together
  20. Nearly Getting in Trouble with Russians
  21. Nearly Getting in Trouble with Russians
  22. Receiving Help from a Jewish Organization
  23. Deciding Where to Live After the War
  24. Deciding Where to Live After the War II
  25. Life in America
  26. Sharing Story
  27. Sharing Story with their Children
  28. Living in Fear After the War
  29. Nightmares
  30. Memories of Auschwitz
  31. Fate of Family II
  32. Daily Life in the Camp
  33. Religious Activity in Camp
  34. Punishment in Camp
  35. Being Separated from Sister
  36. Being Helped by the Wehrmacht
  37. Life Under the Russians
  38. Brother and Sister-in-law's Experience
  39. Sailing to America
  40. Sailing to America II
  41. Relations with Germans Before the War
  42. Attempting to Reclaim Possessions After War
  43. Getting Married
  44. Conclusion

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