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Salvatore and Lili Katan - August 18, 1981

Sailing to America

SK: And I--and then all this time--when I come back to Italy and I took this ship to come to America, my wife should be sick in the boat and the two twins and uh, she was throwing, you know, ??? to take care to change the diapers for the baby and I went outside, I said, "You're in charge here?" I said, "Please come, my wife is bad" ??? I go off from the top of the boat just under the ??? all the American tourists and I went to the top of the boat ??? very bad. They said, "There's nothing we can do, she's seasick and nothing we can do." I said, "I would like to talk to the captain." ??? say, "I'm going to talk to the captain," I said, "because I don't want to go to America dead, I want to go alive." I said, "We ??? every day." So somebody tell me ??? go to the captain because the captain Greek. What? Yeah, Greek. ??? I said, "I would like to go to the captain." "For what?" I say, "I have to talk about my wife. She's too sick to feed the babies." Said, "What's your name?" "Salvatore Katan." Said, "Are you Italian?" "No, I'm Greek." "Oh. The captain of the ship is a Greek ???" I said, "My wife is feeling very badly. She's very sick." ??? boat? I said, "That's right." Said, "What's the matter?" I said, "She can't wash the diapers ???" I said, "Is it possible you can take them and put them in the hospital?" "No problem." They put ??? on the boat, I says, "???"

LK: ???

SK: "Take the woman, take the woman and put them in the hospital, right away with the twins." And in another ??? the doctors from the baby should be washed on the boat in the laundry. It was my luck. It was good.

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